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Way Point S.r.l.
Sede: Via Albere, 29/A
37138 Verona (VR) - ITALY
Stab.: Via Mure, 61 31030 ALTIVOLE (TV)
Tel.: +39 0423 915669
Fax : +39 0423 919824
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L-TECH is a trademark of WayPoint

A member of: FederlegnoArredo Assoluce


Welcome to the L-TECH web site

  • L-TECH is a WayPoint’s trademark born to create technical lighting solutions that allow surrounding space to be shaped with the sole power of light. Simple, minimalist objects let the light take shape fitting into space with ease and flexibility in different applications L-TECH products allow experimentation with light, stir emotions, enhance architectural features and reveal the unique characteristics of those who designed them. Light is always a protagonist and our task is to make it fit into any interior, interpreting it in different ways according to the setting and the needs of those who live in it. With L-TECH, we wish to convey the versatility and functionality of light for all needs and reveal the spirit of those who created the right technical lighting solutions.